A De Facto Ban? You Don’t Say!

Three months ago we knew that the anti-choice forces behind South Dakota House Bill 1217  a bill that would force women to undergo “counseling” at a crisis pregnancy center prior to accessing a safe, legal abortion in South Dakota – were intending to use the measure to enact a de facto ban on abortion in the state by throwing up as many road blocks as possible.  This past week we’ve gotten further confirmation that this has been their intent all along.

The Argus Leader reported that crisis pregnancy centers are unsure if they will register with the state, meaning it is a distinct possibility that no woman could receive the “counseling” mandated by HB1217, meaning it is a distinct possibility that no woman could obtain abortion services in the State of South Dakota.   Perennial anti-choice zealot Leslee Unruh was particularly cagey about whether or not the Alpha Center, the largest CPC in the state, would register, saying Maybe, maybe not. Im not sure.

It is not a stretch to believe that this situation is what Leslee and her cohort Roger Hunt have envisioned right from the start.

For an excellent breakdown on the affects of HB1217 and the war on reproductive rights in South Dakota, take a moment to watch this clip from the Rachel Maddow Show.  Then visit our donation page to help us continue the fight against government intrusion into the personal decisions of women and families.

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