Action Alert: We Need Your Help, Contact your Legislators Today!


Today we have two urgent requests for legislative contact. HB1254 and HB1185 are up before the House Judiciary committee this week on Wednesday, February 8th at 10:00 AM and Thursday, February 9th at 3:30 PM respectively.

We need you to contact your legislators and the committee members and tell them that to stop these two bills!

HB1254 revisits the coercive mandated counseling women must endure from unlicensed, unregulated pregnancy centers prior to getting permission to obtain an abortion. Thankfully, that law is currently enjoined as it makes its way through the courts. However, adding requirements to an already bad law does not make it any better. Women still are forced to talk to someone, who is not their doctor, about their private medical decisions and doctors are still forced to provide erroneous and misleading information to women about their medical care.

To add insult to injury, South Dakota has already spent too much money on litigation; and this session, the legislature is being asked to fund an additional $1 million dollars for the extraordinary litigation fund. Even worse, while Roger Hunt and proponents have argued the laws were constitutional and that private donations in the millions are waiting to cover litigation expenses, the money has never materialized. With two lawsuits pending and a third surely on the way, South Dakotans taxpayers are left to pick up the check when defending bad legislation.

We need you to contact your legislators and the committee members and tell them that to stop HB1254 and HB1185.

HB1185 – prohibits private insurance companies from offering coverage for abortion services as part of a regular health insurance policy, both inside and outside the health care exchanges created under the federal health care reform. It creates additional burdensome government regulations that would likely stop any, including voluntary, coverage for abortion in health care policies.

Contact the committee members and tell them to stop HB 1254 & HB1185. South Dakotans have had enough. We have voted twice to against abortion bans. We have spent too much taxpayer money and time because of a few ideologues. We do not need more government intrusion into a private medical decision that is best let up to women, their families and doctor.

Please take 5 minutes today and tomorrow to contact your legislators and the committee members listed below and tell them that it’s time to stop frivolous legislation and let families decide.

Rep. Gene Abdallah

Rep. Jamie Boomgarden

Rep. Marc Feinstein

Rep. Peggy Gibson

Vice-Chair Rep. Brian Gosch

Rep. Jon Hansen

Chair Rep. Roger Hunt

Rep. Kevin Killer

Rep. Don Kopp

Rep. Stace Nelson

Rep. Lance Russell

Rep. Shawn Tornow

Rep. Charles Turbiville

Thank you for all you do.

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