Stop the nonsense, Stop HB1237!

Unfortunately, HB1237 — the bill that eliminates weekends and holidays from the existing 72 hour abortion waiting period — has made it to the Governor’s desk, and it could be signed into law at any time!

Please, before you log off your computer tonight, take just a few minutes of your time and email the Governor and urge him to veto this dangerous legislation.

South Dakotans have spoken and clearly said no to government intrusion into private medical care and decisions that are best left up to a woman, her family and her doctor.

Contact the Governor now.

The decision to have an abortion is profoundly difficult for a woman and her family. This complex, personal decision should be between a woman, her family, God and her doctor. No woman makes this decision without intense soul-searching and consultation with family and trusted loved ones. To write into law that weekends and holidays dont count as time spent during such deliberation is patently offensive and outright false.

Abortion is already rare and heavily regulated in South Dakota; and it is only performed after carefully considering all options. It is time to put a stop to the political nonsense and focus on efforts to reduce unintended pregnancies rather than enacting ever tougher laws restricting access to abortion.

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